Accessibility policy

This is the accessibility statement for This website has been designed to be accessible to all users, as far as is practical.

A variety of accessibility tests have been run and all pages have been manually reviewed. I believe all pages comply with all accessibility standards and guidelines from the W3C and the WAI.

If you feel that this website does not adhere to these guidelines please contact me. I will rectify the problem immediately.

Resizing Text

All text can be resized using your browsers 'view text size option'.

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text size
  • Firefox: View > Text size
  • Opera: File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)
  • Scroll with the wheel of your mouse whilst holding down the control key.
  • Hold down the control key and press the ‘+’ to make text larger.
  • Hold down the control key and press the ‘-’ to make text smaller.

Standards Compliance

There is no validation tool for meeting DDA accessibility requirements. W3C validations are commonly accepted as being a good indicator of accessibility.

This website aims to conform to W3C priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines as well as WAI triple AAA guidelines.


  • All pages on this website use structured semantic markup.
  • The content and presentation have been completely separated. All pages are designed using CSS. Tables are only used to display tables of data and are not used for layout.
  • Users with screen readers can skip the navigation to the content on each page.
  • Link text is written to make sense out of context.
  • All links have title attributes to describe the links in greater detail. Links to pages within this website open in the same window. Links to external websites all open in new window. All external links have a warning in the title tag of the link that a new browser window is being opened.
  • The pages on this website are all printer friendly. A print style sheet has been used to exclude unnecessary design elements from being printed.
  • All text is assigned a relative font size. You can resize the text if you want to
  • All informational images have been assigned descriptive 'ALT' text. All decorative images are either placed in the CSS document.

Access Keys

Because of the many problems associated with access keys this website does not provide access keys to navigate it.